This page is for all the NoName brands which works with Tellstick Net.
No Name, Colorado

Including relays, IR sensors etc...

Remember to post the link to the store where you bought the item, so everyone can buy some cheap stuff for our Tellsticks :-)

Any tool with chipset 2262 (door/window sensor, PIR sensor, etc) Edit

The following instructions are tested on door/window sensor and PIR sensor with chipset SC2262 on Tellstick Net (v16). But should be working with any tool using SC2262 sensor (and also PT2262 according to different forums) and allows you many different NO-NAME tools separated in Tellstick.

- Use Sartano code switcher in Tellstick Net

- If you have jumper setting for 1.5M, 3.3M and 4.7M, use 3.3M (and try the others if it doesn't work)

- All jumpers should be set from "N" to "L",

- Jumpers should always be set for D1, D2 and D3, but not for D0. This represents D and E in Sartano code switcher which always should be set (set = top row).

- A0 represents 1 in Sartano, A1 represents 2, etc (A0=1, A1=2, A2=3, A3=4, A4=5, A5=A, A6=B, A7=C), any combination of this seems to work and send an 'ON' signal as long as jumpers and sartano config matches.

IMG 20151228 091235

Jumper setting:

Jumper set = On, No jumper = Off

A0=Off, A1=On, A2=On, A3=Off, A4=Off, A5=Off, A6=Off, A7=Off, D0=Off, D1=On, D2=On, D3=On

Jumper set on 3.3M

Tellstick Net:

Sartano - code switcher

Top row = On, Bottom row = Off

1=Off, 2=On, 3=On, 4=Off, 5=Off, A=Off, B=Off, C=Off, D=On, E=On

Relayboard from Ebay - Tellstick Net (v16)Edit

This relay board have 4 relays built on to it,

$(KGrHqNHJDcFISg-rZiCBSH)!Dsv8Q~~60 3

but so far I have only been able to activate 3 of them on the same remote, but if you need 3 relays on a board, then this is perfect for you :)

It is using 12V DC power (so you need a 12v supply to power it), and the relay dosen't apply any power to the switch, so this is perfect for a garage remote or controlling other equipment with its own power supply.

(Im using it to control my adjustable bed ;-) )

Price: 18.90 dollars

Telldus forum link:

Shop link:

Tested working with Tellstick and Tellstick Net(firmware version 16) using the remote named: Roxcore (a projector remote)

Magnetic Door/Window sensors from Ebay - Tellstick Net (v4+v16)Edit


SC2262 ebay magnetic sensor

This is magnetic door/window sensor from ebay that are tested against TelldusDUO and Tellstick Net with firmware version 16.


2262chipset with jumpers is working.
Sending signals with protocol arctech, sartano and waveman.

  • A side note: This magnetic switch only send signal when magnet is moved away from main part. You will not get "on"+"off" as this item acts as a "Bell". The "turnon"/"turnoff" in example signals are only aviable if you choose this with jumper settings. In other way: its not working the same way as Nexa/Proove magnetic switch that send signals both when magnet is moved away and attached.

Example signals, depends on how you set the jumpers:



Jumpersettings: (note from a user: i got a SC2262 and it works jumped as PT2262 below...)Edit

20140227 235645
Chipset PT2262
  • One jumpersetting is using the last 5 jumpers in the down right corner, in a straight line. This will make a waveman remote which sends an off command P8
  • 4 jumpers down right corner gives P16 off
  • 1 jumper down right corner gives P16 on

Chipset SC2262

All needs jumper 4.7M set.

  • One jumpersetting is using the last 6 jumpers in the down right corner, in a straight line. This will make a waveman remote which sends an off command P8
  • 5 jumpers down right corner gives P16 off
  • 2 jumper down right corner gives P16 on

TODO: Post more jumpersettings for different protocols


1527chipset is not working with telldus! This is the one without jumpers!
Its not possible to set unit code. Dev. Ticket 136 scheduled for "some future release".
[ ]

Motion sensor from Ebay - Tellstick Net (v16)Edit

This sensor is a motion sensor a.k.a a PIR detector from ebay. It is tested against a Tellstick Net with firmware version 16 and found working as a waveman remote.
  • A sidenote; It only sends an OFF command when activated, so you need tasker (android app) to turn on the remote again in telldus live, otherwise it won't create a event next time it is activated.


  • The jumper settings is the same as the magnetic contact abowe and you can see an example of the 
    20140307 164241
    jumpersetting to your right. This setting creates a wavemann remote with unit code H1 with a OFF command.
  • Remove one on the right (according to picture) gives P1 OFF

TODO: Post more jumpersettings for different protocols


Price: 6.59£ (around 10 dollars with shipping from China)


DSC 1901

Not working PIR

Tried proximity sensor from this eBay retailer, did not work with tellstick net v4, v16 and v17,

Stay clear of this seller: resebuy4nz

Promised replacement, no replacment recieved, promised refund, no refund recieved. Only reply seems to be "autoreply", got a request to confirm the same shipping adress three times. Please add to the list if you had similar experiences.

Smokealarm from Ebay - Tellstick Net (v16)Edit

Beware!! This shop might send a different type of alarm, which I haven't tested myself yet., so can't promise it will work. From pictures it looks like it should work, but haven't tested myself yet.

I finally received the smokealarms i ordered from Singapore today, 

20140326 142031

and with a very small mod it will work as a waveman remote and confirmed working with Tellstick Net (Firmware 16).

When you take it apart (very easy) you will find the following printboard (Second photo).

20140326 141444

 And the jumpersetting should be as follows to get a waveman remote with unitcode: M8 (Third photo)

And now we come to the small Mod you have to do to make it work with Tellstick Net (v16). 

You have to solder the spot where there is missing a pin to the spot right above it. Look at the forth photo to see the connection.
20140326 141457

Thats it. Now go to telldus live and add the waveman remote :-)


Price: 9.90 dollars (with shipping from Singapore)

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