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This is a Wiki where everyone can post information about hardware currently compatible with the Telldus Tellstick product range (Net, Tellstick and DUO).

The rationale behind this site is to be able to get an overview of what actually works, and what does not.

I think we should have one page for each brand (Nexa, Anslut, Proove etc..), and then each adapter should be mentioned in that page. 

For each adapter added, a "level 2 headline" should be used ( in source: == Headline text == ). The title should be formatted like this: ADAPTERNAME - TESTED_WITH_HARDWARE (FIRMWARE). (Example: PER-1500 - Tellstick net (v4)). This provides a better content overview at the top of the page. A picture and a short description of the adapter should be provided.

Description of each item should preferably include:
Type of equipment (thermomter, wall socket switch):
Place of purchase:
Price in whatever currency:
Tested with (tellstick net, tellstick or tellstick duo + which firmware your tellstick is using, eg version 4, 12 or 16 etc...):
Experiences / pros and cons / sidenotes etc:

It is a major point that editing this page should be as simple as possible so everyone can contribute.

Overview Edit

Hardware Edit

This is an overview of hardware tested with tellstick units (Tellstick Net, Tellstick Duo and/or tellstick) - please keep alphabetical order, except for NoName (should be last)

Software Edit

This is an overview of software compatible with the Tellstick Net


Web interfacesEdit

This is an overview of available web interfaces

  • Official web interface from Telldus. Device control, events, sensor readouts, scheduler no sensor logging. Basic features are free, premium features cost ~25€/year (includes advanced editing of events, and more frequent sensor values pushed from tellstick).

  • Templight Sensor logging, control units according to temperature, notifications by SMS, mail etc. Costs 1.49€/mnth

This service has not been working for a long time - terrible support for a payable service!!

Web ResourcesEdit

Good sources of information about the Tellstick products:
1. - Basicly everything you need to know

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